#1 Tip for WNC HVAC Clients

WNC Climate Control Maintenace Service Tip

The best advice we can provide our WNC HVAC customers is to have their filters changed every three months. The ultimate comfort that your system is designed to provide depends on this. Properly maintained heating, ventilation, and air conditioning equipment will secure your long-term investment. In fact, 40% of your power bill is your HVAC system. Therefore, just the simple quarterly filter switch-out will save you money while keeping you cozy!

WNC Climate Control Maintenance Service covers 100% of what your HVAC system needs for optimal function. Upon signing the maintenance contract, we go right to work to:

• Inspect that all belts are tight
• Clean coils
• Review that all wiring is connected properly and in good condition.
• Check the capacitors
• Update filters

Why choose WNC Climate Control for such imperative services?
23 years of experience
• Local, family-owned business
• Passion for heating and cooling

"I don't do it for the money, I do it because it's what I love. I treat the equipment as if it were my own."
Josh Crowder